Why Does Coronavirus Affect More Men Than Women?

COVID-19 is now a global pandemic. As a result, many countries have enforced strict lockdown rules, including the UK. As more research and information comes to light about Coronavirus, we are beginning to learn how the virus works.

Reports suggest that Coronavirus affects men more severely than women, although we still do not have confirmation of the exact reason why it affects men more. So, what do we know so far?

Research And Stats: Are More Men Dying Of Coronavirus?

The trend that Coronavirus affects men more than women has been seen all across the globe. Research has shown that 73% of admissions to critical care with COVID-19 were men. Because the daily death count from the UK government is not broken down by gender, it is not always immediate how different genders are being affected.

Figures from the ONS reveal that two out of three COVID-19 deaths in people under 85 are men. Because of these statistics and further research, it is clear to see that men seem to be more affected than women.

Why Are Men More Affected By Coronavirus Than Women?

While the figures reveal that this is true, they do not explain the reasons why. Although we require more research into the exact reasons, current research so far suggests that sex hormones play a role. Oestrogen and testosterone have previously been linked to respiratory illnesses. As a result, many believe, it could be the same for COVID-19.

Another theory is that because the X chromosomes have more immune-related genes, women have a stronger immune system. COVID-19 is not the first virus to affect men more than women, with SARS having higher fatality rates for men in the 2013 outbreak.

It is imperative that researchers uncover the real reason why Coronavirus affects men more than women.. This is because it could help to improve patient care and manage the outbreak of the virus.

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