Vasectomy Reversal In London

A vasectomy is a birth control measure men undergo that prevents semen from carrying sperm.

Although the surgery is a very common one, some men can later decide to have their vasectomy reversed.

A vasectomy reversal, therefore, is a procedure that can allow them to once again father children.

Despite some claims that a vasectomy reversal is difficult to perform and doesn’t always work, the surgery is often successful.

However, patients should understand that a vasectomy reversal can be a far more in-depth surgery than the original vasectomy.

This is due to the surgeon needing to repair the tubes that were snipped and clipped during the original procedure.

What Does A Vasectomy Reversal Involve?

A vasectomy reversal is performed under general anaesthetic.

The surgery can take up to three hours to complete which is quite different to a vasectomy when the patient is put under a local anaesthetic and surgeries can take as little as 15 minutes.

Incisions are made along the scrotum whereupon the vas deferens are reconnected.

The operation is completed under microscope and after the tubes are reconnected, they are stitched together.

Recovery After Vasectomy Reversal

Following a vasectomy reversal, patients will need a week or longer off work to overcome the discomfort they feel.

It is advised patients wait a month before resuming sexual activity because the testicle tubes may not heal fully if intercourse is attempted too soon.

Patients may take over the counter painkillers to relieve the post-surgery pain.

In addition, putting a cold compress on the recovering area can lessen swelling and discomfort.

Make Your Appointment With Mr Suks Minhas

Vasectomy reversal is not usually available on the NHS.

Therefore, finding a private consultant you can trust is an invaluable part of your journey to becoming a family.

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